About The Zelarion Group

The Zelarion Group is the owner of the novel monoclonal antibody TCD601 (also known as siplizumab) as well as the pharmaceutical company ITB-MED which is driving the development and clinical studies of TCD601. Specifically, TCD601 is being broadly developed for applications within transplantation and autoimmunity. Clinical Trials are being executed globally with a particular focus on the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) with an aim to submit applications for market authorization. To this effect, the group has secured regulatory incentives to increase the chances of market approval, such as Orphan Drug Designation both in the US and the EU. In addition, second generation treatments are being developed that can further broaden the use of the group’s immune modulating approach.

Board Of Directors

The Board of Directors has extensive experience from business development, pharmaceutical development, investments and research.

David Sachs


Jan Ståhlberg


Molly Chiaramonte


Pablo Legorreta

Chairman of the Board

Shefali Agarwal


Erik Berglund

CEO & Founder