Patient experience

After Jennifer Searl was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure she first received a conventional kidney transplant at the age of 13, which was lost due to conventional immunosuppression related side-effects and chronic rejection. At the age of 22 she received her second transplant, this time with a Siplizumab treatment regimen, and became the first HLA-mismatched patient in the world to successfully receive a kidney transplant where transplantation tolerance was actively induced. Nine more patients have been treated with the Siplizumab treatment regimen. Jennifer has now lived more than 15 years without having to take any anti-rejection immunosuppression. Listen to the extended version of how ITBMed´s therapy helped change her life.

Siplizumab is an investigational drug in clinical stage development. There is no guarantee that it will receive regulatory approval and become commercially available for the uses being investigated.